Clane Poet publishes in aid of St. Brigid’s Hospice

David Joseph Cribbin is a poet who was born and grew up in Clane. He has published poetry in many poetry magazine and has had two of his collections published. When his father, Thomas J. Cribbin, was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, in June of this year, he decided to donate the proceeds of his latest collection Father Crow and Other Poems to the St. Brigid’s Hospice in the Curragh after seeing what a wonderful job they do out there.

Thomas Cribbin

Thomas Cribbin, RIP

David said, “Dad himself had a way with words , he used to call his beloved GAA, ‘Nothing but 30 men in a field chasing a bag of wind.’ I’ve always loved that phrase ‘bag of wind’ instead of the prosaic – ball.”

Thomas passed away in August and David wrote the eulogy for his father and included the poem Return, which he wrote for him while he was being cared for in St. Brigid’s Hospice


You’re going home,
returning never to
be turned away again,
returning never to
return to away again.

You’re returning home.

Your sheep are there –
their sleet fleece begging
to be sheared,
echoing the Sun’s heat
in a shining peal reply,
grazing in unconscious
contentment on dew
covered pastures,
luminous jade in
an eternal spring morning.

You’re returning home.

Your dog Shep is there,
his coal and milk pelt
wind tossed in the warm
breeze, doppelgänger
for the sea of
honey meadow grass
waving welcomingly
to you, beckoning you
to come and join Shep
bobbing in and out
of joyful reveal
and conceal.

You’re returning home.

Your water cart is there,
remade as you first
made it, fitted out with
its baker’s drums to
draw the rain clear water,
to thirsty mouthed cattle
on a gentle glide

You’re returning home –
returning never to
be turned away again,
returning never to
return to away again.

David Joseph Cribbin

If anyone wishes to donate by buying the book, it is available here –