Tidy-Towns – the results are out!

We are delighted to see the national Tidy Towns competition results are out, and that Clane has built on its recent successes, increasing its score by a further 2 points from 261 to 263. The Tidy Town Committee would like to thank everyone who helped contribute to our campaign in 2010. Some of the businesses, schools, estates, groups and individuals who have contributed have been specifically acknowledged by the adjudicator. Read on for all the details…

Tidy Towns Adjudication Report – Clane – 2010

The complete Tidy Towns adjudication report for Clane is available here. We reproduce the text of the report below for you convenience. Enjoy!


Overall Development Approach: 40/50
The Built Environment: 31/50
Landscaping: 40/50
Wildlife and Natural Amenities: 27/50
Litter Control: 33/50
Waste Minimisation: 8/20
Tidiness: 17/30
Residential Areas: 30/40
Roads, Streets and Back Areas: 30/50
General Impression: 7/10

TOTAL MARKS: 263/400

Overall Development Approach:

Clane is welcome to the 2010 National TidyTowns Competition. Thank you for your submission which includes your three year work programme, the map was clear and helpful, however locate projects achieved in a given year on the map to facilitate a more effective adjudication process. Your liaison with Clane Local Development, local businesses and Kildare County Council is noted and appreciated and it is also good to note that a committee member is represented on the Green School Committee in both primary schools. Cognisance has also been taken of your community communication techniques. We wish you every success in the implementation of your plan.

The Built Environment:

There are many attractive shopfronts along Main Street and most were admired for their enhancement of their streetscape. The gable wall of Ellies Beauty Salon is an important focal point in the townscape, however on the day of adjudication it was in need of improvement; Heavenly Accessories opposite looked quite well. The Aldi shopping centre is an attractive development also. Congratulations on your success in having inappropriate signage removed from both the village centre and the Dublin road. We look forward to the redevelopment of the Well at the Rath near the Liffey in 2011/2012.


Flower displays in containers along Main Street generated an ambience of colour and gaiety and were much appreciated. Mature trees are a handsome feature of Clane. Well done on the landscaping of roundabouts and the village green with the heritage sculpture. Scoil Muire and the grounds of the General Hospital are beautifully landscaped again this year and maintained to their roadside. Hopefully the semi-mature native oak which has recently been planted at the Abbey will thrive to be as successful as the old horse chestnut which it    replaces. Well done also on tree replacement along Main Street. Landscaping in the Riverside Park has been beautifully executed. We wish you well in your plans to enhance the site located between Hillview estate and the entrance to St. Bridget’s Terrace on the Kilcock road. Keep in mind the importance of the planting of native species to support wildlife.

Wildlife and Natural Amenities:

The new playground is a valuable fun amenity for children and of course has visual amenity value also; Everyone concerned with its development and maintenance is to be congratulated for a fine achievement. The management of the Riverside Park appears successful and we note the installation of new bird boxes to replace the old boxes, well done. We wish you every success in the acquisition of a wildlife information board, try to ensure that it is weather-proof and vandal-proof. Congratulations on the bird survey and on the results which indicate over 50 species seen within the town boundary and 43 confirmed at the Riverside Park, no doubt other species will be added with the passing of time, this is an important contribution to the Bird Atlas 2007-2011. Similar results might be forthcoming in future years as a result of your bat detector to confirm bat species along the Riverside Park. Well done also on your ‘Wild About Clane’ initiative.

Litter Control:

Litter control is strong throughout Clane however some was noted on the junction with the Prosperous road; if this persists perhaps a survey might be undertaken to identify its source and to devise an appropriate strategy. Your daily litter control activities are noted as is the rota of residents who have volunteered for litter control on the Ballinagappa Road. Well done on the acquisition of new bins for the latter road and College Road and well done also on your initiative to promote awareness for accessibility for wheelchairs, buggies, etc. We wish you every success with the installation of pooper-scoopers and congratulations on your participation in the National Spring Clean and the resultant skip full of litter, no doubt all rubbish collected was segregated for recycling.

Waste Minimisation:

Your composting of green waste at Stream Park is acknowledged together with the possible designation of a new site. We note your plan also for Community Composters with each resident’s association. The overall goal under this heading should be to prevent waste occuring in the first instance, perhaps an important first step here would be raising awareness by asking householders to keep a record of the amount of waste generated within each household with a view to devising strategies for example changing shopping habits to prevent the waste from occuring in the first instance; the business community might be requested to do likewise. Good luck with your plans for the provision of attractive screening for your recycling point.


An untidy site was noted at the corner/junction on the Kilcock entrance located at the 50 km speed limit sign. There are far too many signs at Quirke’s Garage and adjoining commercial properties plus at Butterstream Motors. There is very little wirescape in Main Street and your lampstandards here are beautiful, however one unslightly service pole was noted at the top of the Prosperous road. The overall appearance of Clane is one of tidiness and your achievements for 2010 are noted.

Residential Areas:

The line of grassed roadside areas to boundary walls marking the entrance to Clane on the Kilcock road is visually pleasing and a wonderful introduction to the town. Verges and green open spaces on the road out by the Oatfield Park development are beautiful also. Cois Abhainn looks well especially in relation to its green open space and the entrance to An Crochan was admired. Your Clane TidyTowns Committee / Residents Association Checklist is most effective and in no small way responsible for a very good presentation under this heading.

Roads, Streets and Back Areas:

The approach road by the Blackhall Stud development was admired for its neatly maintained roadside verges backed by beautiful hedgerow. Car parking in Clane is orderly and street furniture is attractive and well maintained. Well done on work accomplished for the maintenance of existing signage and their repair and the work achieved for the protection for your local heritage features. Your activities on all six approach roads into the town have not gone unnoticed, a fine performance! Finally, well done on work achieved for Nancy’s Lane.

General Impression:

The overall impression of Clane is one of a pleasant town in which to live and also to visit and your ‘Wild About Clane’ activity is of great interest to the adjudicator, your historical/architectural heritage is invaluable also, thank you for a fine presentation.